The Accident

I want to starting writing more about my accident, my recovery, the ups and downs and how it’s changed me. Just the little that I’ve talked about publicly, people say things like “that particular thing you said on Facebook was so helpful to me…despite my struggle being different, your perspective helped me…” And when something like this happens, you can’t help but look for all the “whys.” Why did this happen and how am I supposed to use it?

Plus, I just miss blogging and writing – so I’ll ease into this and see where it goes. And if you’re one of the few super close people to me who are sick of hearing about it, divert your eyes.

I’ll start with the background. Here is what I posted (in a pain pump-induced state in the ER, I might add) on Facebook 12 hours after the accident.

12 hours ago I left work on my bicycle. I like to ride it in on these cool mornings and was headed home after my day. It’s less than 5 miles each away and I stick to the parks and back roads. As I moved through a four way stop just outside Centennial Park, I remember seeing a tan/gold SUV coming toward me QUICKLY on my left side. I had the right of way — but he blew through the stop sign. I remember thinking “he’s going to stop.” But I was wrong. Then I remember thinking, “he’s going to hit me.” And that’s the last thing I remember. He t-boned me, essentially. Next, I woke up in an ambulance as they were putting an IV in. They said I was hit by a car, did I remember? No. The details came back to me later. I must have been out several minutes as bystanders waited with me and called 911. I asked about the driver — “he left, they said. Hit and run.”

I came to Vanderbilt trauma and they cut my clothes off. There were 20 hands on me. More IVs, more fluids. Y’all. I am tore UP. So much road rash covering my body. My ankle is broken. There’s a 2 inch deep by 3 inches long and wide PIT in my ankle with tendons showing, which are still in tact, thank God. I have a fractured vertebrae in my back and a bruised lung.

The last 12 hours have been terrifying and full of scans, X-rays, etc. I’m headed into surgery in the next few hours and the trauma team will work on my ankle.

Why am I telling you this? Because hug your loved ones. Because I love the way this town in starting to treat cyclists with respect, and I did everything right as a cyclist and I still lost. Because this could have been so much worse. God had His hand on that situation, as ugly as it may be. It could have been worse.

Please keep Justin and I in your prayers. We are supposed to leave for our honeymoon on Saturday, but I don’t know if that’s feasible now. But we are alive and together and that’s worth more than anything.

Hug your people.

News clips:

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NHTSA helmet safety promo – June 2017

Fox 17 interview re: DUI offenders and hit and run – August 2017 (apologies for the bootleg copy – don’t think this ever went to the interwebs).