Last year, I was sitting at home watching the Tour de France and they kept showing ads for Peloton Cycle. It was this extremely fancy, gorgeous, indoor spin bike. I texted my husband, brother and dad and said “I might need one of these.” Plus, Peloton literally means “a group of riders – the head of the pack.” How cool is that? I love good branding.

Then I looked them up, considered the investment and didn’t think much about it for a long while.

Then, my fitness journey changed dramatically. I went to an indoor cycling class one month after that text and fell in love with indoor cycling. I also loved outdoor cycling, but if you read my blog, you know that a couple months later, that all changed.

After my accident, I knew during PT that cycling was going to play a major role in rehabbing my body. Running would be a ways off in my future, if ever really much again. Every physical therapy session started with the stationary bike. I sweated there, for the first time in a long time. The irony of it wasn’t lost on me. A bike got me on the couch, and a bike would get me off. My first time on the bike I still had my walking boot on. But the bike let me work again.

In fact, there’s probably some metaphor for life in here – something about riding a bike. 🙂

I started going back to those indoor cycling classes in the spring this year and getting my cardio back in shape. I kept loving cycling more and more – and I could DO IT. I had spent the previous 8 months or so discovering things that my body would not let me do or that would be different – harder, slower, more painful. Cycling on the other hand, I could do and do well.

Fast forward to June 2017 and the Peloton was back on my radar. Justin had just cancelled his gym membership because going there was torture – and not in a good way. I wanted the same indoor cycling experience I’d fallen in love with, but needed a new place to get it. Enter Peloton.

I ordered it on a Wednesday morning and by the following Friday two kind gentlemen were at my door asking where I wanted it set up.

Where I watch the sun come up, most days.

Not familiar with Peloton?

Here’s the deets:

Peloton is a top of the line, cutting-edge indoor bike, combining fitness and tech. Named “the best cardio machine on the planet” by Men’s Health; “The most impressive new fitness equipment I’ve tried this year,” says USA Today; and Forbes says, “Yes, you really can get a better-than-the-gym workout at home. It’s called Peloton.” Peloton is a relatively new company, but they are SLAYING it. I did so much research on this machine, y’all.

You pay for the bike, your shoes, delivery and professional set up – and it’s an investment friends. Trust me. But so worth every cent. (Side note – the indoor cycling studio I was going to was offering a one-time, founders package of $2,000 for a year of unlimited classes. Peloton was $1995. Boom, easiest decision ever. And, it’s 15 feet from my bed. And Justin’s using it too).

What I love about cycling classes is the energy – the lights, the music, the instructor, the stats, the leader board. With Peloton, you stream live (or on demand) classes from their NYC studio. They are teaching to a room of riders on site in NY, and streaming to thousands more. The instructors are the best you’ll find anywhere. They make you feel like you are sitting in the room with them. (My new life goal is to have my favorite instructor, Alex, give me a shout out at some point, as they often do to the “home riders” with birthdays, milestone rides, etc.).

The music is everything (and you ride to the rhythm, which is a must) – you choose Pop, Hip Hop, 90’s rap, Yacht Rock…literally there is anything you could dream of. Hell, they even do live DJ rides. There are a mere 6,500 classes to choose from last I checked. So you hop on the bike and press play on your favorite class. Even if it’s not live, the leader board simulates that you are riding live and gives you a ranking among the other thousands of riders that have taken that class.

On the giant touchscreen is your cadence (the instructor tells you how fast to go), your distance (I usually cover 12-13 miles in a 45 minutes class), your output/watts/power, your calorie burn and your gear (again, the instructor tells you a range to be in). All of this is archived on your profile so you can see it over time – how you’re improving, your PR, how close you are to beating your husband, etc. 🙂

Photo from

Feel like you need something other than cycling, today? There are yoga classes, strength, core, arms, stretching.

I just cannot say enough about this machine, y’all. It met every one of my expectations and then some. For Justin, since he wasn’t used to the high octane, endorphin fueling workout that a good cycling class can provide, it’s absolutely blown his mind. He loves it. We have to coordinate schedules. Fortunately, only once have I come upstairs to find his butt in that seat when I wanted to be. I pouted. A lot.

Here’s a super awesome video of me giving you the tour of our Peloton. Click here to watch it. 

Still reading? Ask me for my referral code so you can get $100 off accessories – that’s basically free shoes. Comment here or find me at jwademccombs at gmail dot com.

How about some Q&A:

  • Where can I get more info?
    • Or message me.
  • How big is it?
    • 4’x2’ footprint. Checkout my video for some real life images.
  • What if it doesn’t work?
    • They offer a one-year warranty with the option to extend. Also, if you buy it with your credit card, check and see if your card extends the warranty period. Mine Southwest Chase Visa does by a year.
  • Is there a subscription?
    • Yes – $39/month for the classes – but that is good for every rider in your household, and cheaper than most gym memberships.
  • Do I need the shoes?
    • Yes, get them. Just do it. You’re already investing in your health this much – just get the shoes. And ask me for my referral code so you can get $100 off your accessories/shoes.
  • Is it loud? I need the music to be loud.
    • We bluetooth’d ours to the JBL speaker so we pump up the jams. Or, when I’m riding in the wee hours of the morning while Justin is asleep, I use headphones. But the speakers on the bike are surprisingly powerful.
  • Can I test it before I buy it?
    • There are a few showrooms across the country. Check out the website. Also, they are doing tours this summer – and they are here August 18-19 in Nashville. So, if you’re in town, let’s go!
  • Will my WiFi work to stream classes? 
    • Ours works awesome – but we have a pretty serious WiFi plan. They say most plans/speeds work on the Peloton website. Check it out for more info. They even have a tool that lets you check the speed of yours. I imagine you’ll be fine, like us.

So really, you can probably tell how obsessed I am with this thing. If you have more questions, please ask. Go forth and ride, friends.

This was not a sponsored post. All views expressed here are mine and were not prompted by anything other than my love for this product. 


5 thoughts on “Peloton

  1. Just commented on your FB post too! I’m so excited that you wrote this! Referral code, please. First you give me glorious lashes and now you’re going to get my butt back on the bike (I LOVE spin class, but haven’t been to one in at least 6 months!)

  2. I’m interested in buying the peloton. Can you share your code with me and do you find the extended warranty necessary? Thanks you for all the helpful information.

  3. Hi! Why is it such a hard decision?? Oh my gosh! Do you mind sharing your referral code so it can help me get my shoes!? 😘 I do not have a gym membership but I don’t want this to end up a coat rack either! I need fun and workout motivation! 😍😍

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