10 Years in Music City

It’s true what they’ve all been saying – time really does fly. I blinked and somehow I’ve been in Nashville 10 years.

Of course when I reflect on all that’s happened in those 10 years, I pick out certain moments and think “that was a million years ago,” – but for the most part, it’s flown.

I’m sure I’ve told this story before here on the ol’ blog – but on May 7, 2005 I walked across the graduation stage at the University of Tennessee with a BS in Communications, ate lunch with my family and drove straight to Nashville. I had an apartment leased and a job lined up. Like, a legit PR Account Exec. job at a firm.

I was making 24K a year. I remember that distinctly. In one of my senior Public Relations classes they told us the industry average for new grads was 22K, so I was basically rich. I thought I might as well get it in cash every two weeks, fill up the bathtub and roll around in it. That’s how huge this was for me. My apartment rent was $525. BALLIN’. (In six months it got broken into – so the low rent and crime could correlate).

I also was too naïve to know to ask for a reprieve between graduation and beginning work for the rest of my life – but hey, I just couldn’t wait to make that gravy, mentioned above. So, I graduated on Saturday and started work on Monday. The rest is history.

Somehow, overnight, I went from this:

Phi Mu phi mu 2

To this:


Ok — not really. There was quite a period of transition in there. 😉

Since moving here in 2005, I’ve lived in SEVEN places in Nashville. I will assume my 8th residence this November. Maybe I’ll stay in this one for a while since I’m buying it. (More on that in another post).

I’ve only had three jobs in 10 years, which I guess seems like a lot or not very many depending on the generation you ask.

Sometimes at work, in organizations I serve with, etc. I look around and think “you people really trust me to do this?” But dang – I’ve been at it for a solid 10 years now. Guess it’s time I give myself some credit. It’s just insane to think about how much things change and how quickly. How did I go from an intern to an Assistant Account Exec., to a Sr. Acct. Exec., to a PR Manager to a Sr. Marketing Coordinator? I feel like I just blinked. (there were about a million steps in between, mind you).

One thing that hasn’t changed though – my love for this city. Nashville is changing like a fart in a whirlwind. It’s hard to keep up it is moving and growing so quickly – but all for the better. I love this place.

So cheers, Nashville. Here’s to at least another 10. Or 50.



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