Bring It, 2013

I’m excited to ring in the new year, friends – hope you are too. However, it’s a little bittersweet. 2012 has pretty much been a banner year. Let’s see:

–I finally sold my dang townhouse. For the love of everything holy – it was on the market three years to the DAY. Can you believe that? I can. I lived every aching moment of that horrible process. June 27 – damn you and bless you.
It wasn’t without more heartache, tears, cursing and courtrooms that I finally became free of it, but it was so worth it. Some days, now six months later, it still hits me that I’m free of that physical and emotional burden and I almost float off my feet. What a blessing. (Frank J. Miles, realtor extraordinaire and friend, I’m forever indebted to you).

–I used that newfound freedom from my mortgage payment to send my 11 year old Eclipse on to her next stage in life. I got a new car! Well, new to me. I am loving my little Mazda 6. She is a good one and I hope to have a long, happy 10 or so more years with her. It’s what me and cars do. The peace of mind I have now when I hop in the car to go somewhere, or go get in my car after work, is so nice. No more “will it start?” or “Oh it’s supposed to rain? Great – bring on the flooded floorboard and mold.” Blessing, again.
–I got a new, fabulous job. Y’all. This is the kind of job I pictured myself in when I majored in PR. You know, you sit in class and picture yourself in some fast-paced corporate environment, looking snazzy and professional in a suit and actually using your degree to do something cool. I’m doing that. And it’s like, corporate. I’m loving this place and my coworkers. I am so thankful for every previous job that prepared me to do this one, but I look around and think “so, this is what it can be like.” People get.stuff.done. And take care of their employees. Corporate America – I love you.

–The Wades renewed our family vacation tradition in Destin. Wow – what a trip. It was so fun and just what the doctor ordered. We are already looking forward to 2013’s Wade family extravaganza and have added Aunt B, this time! YES!
–Rog and I renewed our lease on our fun West End flat, and our landlord changed for the better. Whoop! On the topic of Rog – we’re just great. 2012 has been a good year and we just keep on doing life really well, together. It’s just easy and fun and we are on the same page about 99.9% of the time. We just do life well, that’s what we say.

If 2013 I’d half as good as 2012, I’ll feel super blessed. Cheers!


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