Easy Pot Roast

I posted a photo of dinner on Instagram and Facebook and a couple folks asked for the recipe, so here you go.

This was compiled from several other recipes and seems to be super popular, so you may have seen it before — or some version of it. I think my Momma once gave me a pot roast recipe that used brown gravy and dressing mix, so I probably owe some credit to her for planting this in my head. 🙂 Thanks, Momma!

Easy Crockpot Pot Roast:

— Beef shoulder roast (or some other pot roast worthy cut of beef). Mine was 2.5 pounds, so you might adjust the ingredients as necessary (and cooking time) dependent upon your roast. FYI — I may have made a pot roast one other time and it wasn’t that great, so I am intimidated when it comes to going to the ol’ grocery store and picking out a cut of meat. Fortunately Publix stuck a big orange sticker on this one that said “for POT ROAST.” Thanks, Publix. It cost about $12.
— Three baking potatoes
— One medium sweet onion
— Four large carrots, peeled
— A packet of brown gravy mix

— A packet of Good Seasonings italian dressing mix

— A packet of Ranch Dressing mix. (NOTE – this is the powdered mix. For the love of cooking, do not squirt ranch dressing in your crockpot).

— 2 cups of water

— Put the meat in the bottom of your crockpot.
— Whisk together the three seasoning packets with the two cups of water in a separate bowl. Pour over meat.

— Turn crockpot on low and cook for 4 hours.
— After those four hours, chop potatoes, onion and celery into sizeable chunks and toss them in the crockpot.
— Lift the meat up with some tongs and let the veggies get on the bottom of the crockpot — put the meat back in on top. While you’ve got the top off go ahead and spoon some of delicious gravy on top of the meat.
— Cook on HIGH for 3 more hours.
— Remove meat, chop it up and toss back in with your veggies. Be a redneck and serve it straight outta the crockpot. EAT!


If you want to get real crazy, you could pour some of the juice out and make some gravy with it — but I won’t pretend to know how to do that.

Now, this cook time seemed to work out pretty well for me. The potatoes could have been a teency bit softer, but I didn’t want them in there the whole time because they would have disolved. So, you can adjust the veggie add-in time according to how your like yours. This cook time above kept the meat tender and the veggies just soft enough, but still with consistency.



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