29th Birthday — Martinis not Optional, but Required


Today is my birthday. Actually, it’s my last birthday. Or my first 29th birthday. Or, from here I’ll just start counting backwards. I haven’t really decided yet.

I’ll come back with a more thoughtful birthday post on my 29 years soon, but for now, I share with you the above photo. My darling friend and sorority sister Adrienne made it for me.

Following her sending it, our conversation went like this:

Adrienne: Birthday Princess! Love you.

Jenn: Ha — thanks, Atay 🙂 You are awesome. Love you!

Adrienne: And no, I’m not suggesting you go topless today, I just haven’t mastered shirts in Microsoft paint 😉

Jenn: Ha — well. This is embarrassing — since I just ripped my shirt off at work and poured myself a martini.

Adrienne: Amazing, I expect nothing less from the birthday girl.

Hopefully the birthday continues along these same lines. 🙂


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